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With the end of the state of alarm in Spain on 9th May, the autonomous regions themselves will be the ones to establish the restrictions in their respective territory and it’s expected they will be less prohibitive. With the removal of the curfew and restricted perimeters for the most part of the country, the tourism sector can blossom again. Not to mention a promising vaccination campaign in the country. It seems we have finally turned a corner, and tourism, among many other industries, will benefit from it.

That being said, what should we bear in mind when travelling? Hereafter we will endeavor into the requirements to travel to and from Spain, while also addressing the case of Portugal. A common feature is the need to present a negative Covid-19 test, which can be in Spanish, English, German or French. In case you need to present the supporting documentation in a specific language, you can rely on Linguaforum’s certified translators for the conversion of your test result

The future of tourism in Spain

The end of the state of alarm not only put an end to the curfew, but also allowed free movement between different Spanish autonomous regions. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are the only two which will impose a negative test to enter their territory, even if we are traveling from another part of Spain. Both by air and by road, all passengers of all nationalities are required to present a negative COVID-19 test and a Health Control Form. From outside an EU member state or a Schengen associated country you can only enter Spain if you come from Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore or Thailand. In addition, an isolation period is mandatory if arriving from a high-risk country.

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Spain reached the impressive mark of over 126 million foreign visitors in 2019. Due to the pandemic, it decreased by 70% in 2020 and only welcomed 36.5 million tourists. In both years, Catalonia was the most visited community, followed by the Canary Islands. The forecast for 2021, in which we have already received more than 2 million visitors, is already looking less bleak, especially thanks to the progress in vaccination. If look ahead to next summer, 35% of the number of tourists that visited our country before the health crisis are expected.

The future of tourism in Portugal

To move between the different towns in Portugal we must consider the local sanitary situation. Some of them cut their restrictions off as road traffic was permitted at the border with Spain. Air travel is allowed if it is for an essential motive and all passengers of all nationalities are required to present a negative COVID-19 test, including for Madeira and the Azores Islands. In addition, an isolation period will be carried out if arriving from a high-risk country. From outside an EU member state or a Schengen associated country, it is only possible to enter Portugal for essential reasons.

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During 2019, Portugal registered 27 million tourists. With the coronavirus, this number plummeted to 4 million foreign visitors. The tourism sector is hoping for the greatest possible increase in the number of tourists, although it is true that this country is not as dependent on the summer campaign as is the case in Spain. As such making an estimation is more complex. The capital, Lisbon, or the Algarve coast have always been and will always be popular destinations for travelers.

European Health Passport

One of the measures to be implemented to facilitate control and increase tourism is the introduction of a European health pass. It will indicate whether the holder is fully vaccinated, has a negative result in any COVID-19 test or has immunity after passing the virus. The objective? To allow EU citizens to travel within the EU. China, for example, already has its own digital health passport. In Europe the project has undergone a preliminary trial period in France and Malta. If the system is approved as operational, it would be implemented as soon as June. If you need information about other countries in Europe, don’t hesitate to visit websites like Re-open EU ( to remain fully informed and avoid wasting time. And, of course, if you need to translate any kind of documentation for your travels, Linguaforum is always at your service.


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