Travelling with the pandemic

Czy podróże bez szczepienia są obecnie możliwe? W tym artykule podpowiemy Ci, gdzie można podróżować bez szczepień. Sprawdż sam!

Regarding the importance of translating covid-19 tests and the travelling possibilities during the pandemic

In recent times, and especially abroad, travelling isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. At the very start of the pandemic, both national and international traffic was brutally brought to a halt. As of today, while it is now possible, many related restrictions are to be considered beforehand.

These restrictions include a negative Covid test but also many more. Countries require, at their border, a medical certificate testifying an absence of coronavirus infection. Additionally, the latter needs to be translated into English, or the official language of said country.

While this may seem over the top, how else can we operate? Take the following example: a Russian is being checked by a Chinese person and possesses the test in his own language. You can imagine the inspector would struggle to read it, if not understand it. For this reason, having an internationally translated test would smoothen the process.

Of course, translations are not free, but they are essential if we want to travel during these troubling times.

You can try going abroad without a test, but at your own peril. Worst case scenario, you won’t be accepted into the country and at best, you would do it at the border. Some of them are free (like in France), while others will be forced, along with the subsequent cost (for example, Armenia). As such, it is important you get yourself tested in your own country, to avoid, at the very least, having to quarantine.  

How long before the trip is the test needed?

A large majority of countries recommend getting tested 72 hours prior to your trip. But this varies according to where you are heading. Some countries ask for 24 hours, 48 hours, or even 4 to 7 days before your arrival. The overarching winners are Ecuador and Zambia, who respectively ask to get tested 10 and 14 days before the trip.

All in all, it’s worth having a look at the list of countries of which a test is needed to confirm you do not have Covid-19 before entering. Each one has its distinctive requirements when it comes to the delay and the type of test. A smart idea would always be to meticulously check the details of the trip before travelling 

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Written by:
Timothee Gros


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