Translation of a secondary school-leaving exam without leaving your home.

Open the doors to a worldwide education by translating your high-school final exam. Your future is global, and the key to international education is a translated high school leaving exam – Baccalaureate – called “Matura” in Poland and several other European countries. Our translation office is here to help you and other secondary school graduates in your every step, making it possible for you to receive education all around the world. 


When it is necessary to translate a high school leaving exam certificate?

Translating a maturity certificate is usually necessary when you’re planning to study abroad or look for a job in a country where the official language is different than the one you received your certificate in. Here are some of the situations in which the translation of a maturity certificate may be required:

  1. Studying abroad: If you’re planning to continue education in an university abroad, it’s likely you’ll be required to provide a translated and certified secondary school leaving certificate in order to meet the recruitment criteria.

  2. Applying for university: In case of many foreign universities, translated high school leaving exam is one of the documents required during an application process.

  3. Applying for a job: If you’re trying for a job abroad or in a country where the official language is different than your native language, the employer may require the translation of your Baccalaureate in order to verify your qualifications.

  4. Migration process: In some cases, when applying for a visa or a residence permit, the translated secondary education examination certificate may be required.

  5. Certificates and professional licences: If you want to work in a country where the official language is different than your native language, translating a Matura exam may be needed to apply for certificates or professional licences. 

It’s worth to remember that requirements relating to a Baccalaureate may differ depending on country and institutions. If you wonder if you need a Matura translation, it’s always worth it to contact the appropriate authorities or institutions in a particular country. In case of education abroad or applying for a job, it’s usually the best to consult the university or employer you’re applying to in order to clarify all the questions regarding requirements for translating documents.

Also remember that an international baccalaureate diploma is recognized in the universties and institutions all around the world, therefore consider taking such exam.

Translation process
Our greatest assets

The highest quality of translation is so obvious for us that we do not put in among our advantages. In case of translating a school certificate examination, translation is drafted according to the requirements of public offices and universities all around the world. Matura must be translated by a sworn translator from the Ministry of Justice’s list.

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Expert tip: Registry Office in Poland requires translating a death certificate from the original. While we talk, we will try to determine how quickly and smoothly put the information that the document was translated from the original on the document. 

Order a translation of a death certificate online now, and you certainly won’t be disappointed. Send an e-mail, call us or watch the instruction, and learn how to order a translation of a death certificate in three easy steps. 


Translation store or contact form?

Translation store: Enter the store and choose the country where your matriculation certificate was issued. Add the selected exam to the cart, choose a delivery form and pay online – it’s that simple. The entire process will take you less than a minute. We’ll deliver the translation within 1-2 working days to a provided address or to a parcel locker. We can send your Matura exam translation abroad as well. 

Contact form: You can’t find the appropriate baccalaureate certificate in our store, or you’re not sure in which language your certificate was issued? Or maybe you just prefer to send us pictures or scans of your certificate and receive an estimate via e-mail? No problem. Contact us in a preffered manner and we’ll direct you.