What are Blogs for?

jak założyć bloga jak założyć bloga na wordpress na czym polega blog

In an increasingly technological world, knowledge can be acquired in many different ways. Nowadays, information is literally at your fingertips. All it takes is opening up a browser and typing in whatever resonates in your head. Among these mediators for knowledge are blogs. Both interactive and instructional, they are claiming an important role in the transmission of information.

Why is maintaining a blog an important skill?

The first blog was published in 1944 by a student called Justin Hall. On his page, Justin simply shared his ideas and talked about various topics. The expression weblog was first coined in 1997. It was later converted, in 1999, to blog. Currently, blogs are a useful tool that facilitate a presence on the internet. They can attract potential clients and engage with an audience.

Blogs create waves of activity around a company that can potentially lead to the arrival of clients. Business rises thanks to articles that demonstrate a degree of experience and authority of a company in a given sector. In fact, organisations are 13 times more likely to get a positive outcome out of an investment if they fund a quality blog.
For personal blogs, an investment isn’t necessary. It can be done through WordPress. However, profit would not be made from this, if it is what one is looking for. If the idea is to maintain a blog with your own server and owner’s name, a fee will have to be paid. This depends on the web host being used.

Where to start in the blogging world?

To initiate activity in a blog (and later publish it), money can be invested to trigger the process. However, it is recommended to use social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, to bolster its visibility. At the start, Google will not place an unknown blog at the top of the suggestion list. With time, and increasing presence through other means, it will gradually climb up the ladder. It is essential to vary your content, as to attract a wider audience. Profiles should be kept up to date to inform, closely to the blog

jak założyć bloga na czym polega blog

Interakcje z innymi ludźmi

Gry jednoosobowe są częściej wybieraną opcją. Często jednak nowi gracze decydują się na interakcje z innymi osobami. Wielkiej Brytanii i Niemczech gry online, teleturnieje lub też inne sposoby na nawiązanie kontaktu z pozostałymi graczami są częścią przygody nowych graczy w drodze do dołączania do nowej społeczności.

Which topics are interesting? Who owns blogs?

Some of the most attractive and successful topics are How to Guides. Usually, entertaining articles with graphics are more appealing, as opposed to instruction manuals. Political articles or cooking recipes also attract many followers.

Like many companies, translation agencies also possess blogs in which interesting articles are frequently published. Through these articles, knowledge about the world of translation is acquired. Indeed, it is a relatively undiscovered subject. You can also dive into other topics, such as languages for example. Published articles need to be as entertaining as they are educational. As such, readers come out of it with a positive feeling about the Company and the services they offer.

Social media, a deciding factor

As previously mentioned, it is highly suggested to keep social media profiles updates to increase the visibility of your page. Our contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram are very influential in acquiring popularity. Through updates in the blog, we can portray the professionalism of our articles. Following these recommendations is our recipe for success.

jak założyć bloga jak założyć bloga na wordpress na czym polega blog

This article has attempted to explain the main features of blog writing, its perks and how it can be used as a tool for companies such as translation agencies. Combining teaching and entertainment, it only makes sense we seek blogs to further our reach on the world.


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