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Why is it important to translate the assembly instructions?

Czy potrzebujesz tłumaczenia instrukcji? A może insteresuje cie tłumaczenie pdf z obrazkami? Ten artykuł pomoże ci dowiedzieć się więcej!

We have all experienced putting together a product following a guide. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor furniture, household appliances, computer products or even toys, assembly instructions are essential for the proper use of these products. As it is already difficult to understand instructions in our mother tongue, imagine assembling a product with the help of an untranslated manual? It would be a real ordeal…

The assembly instructions are key for the successful assembly of a product. Therefore, the company must ensure that all customers, wherever they are, can understand the guide.

However, the assembly instructions must not only be translated, if not translated correctly.

What are the consequences of incorrectly translating the assembly instructions?

– Customer dissatisfaction. A dissatisfied customer is more likely to make his dissatisfaction heard than a satisfied customer. Poor evaluations could tarnish the company’s reputation.

– Degraded product image. Despite the quality of a product, a few poorly translated words can obstruct its assembly and therefore jeopardize its performance.

– Sales would suffer. Reviews have a real impact on a potential buyer’s purchasing decision. Your turnover will be affected by bad reviews.

tłumaczenia instrukcji tłumaczenie pdf z obrazkami

How does the company benefit from an accurate guide translation?

An accurate translation will be key in its subsequent assembly. In contrast to the consequences, it will also lead to customer satisfaction who will feel they can trust the product. In addition, if it is translated into several languages, the company’s reach will expand to foreign markets.

The customer is likely to be satisfied with the product, so he will leave a positive review, which will, in turn, attract other customers. Thus, your product will stand out for its ease of use and installation and for its good user experience.

A well-translated brochure in the language of the country where the product is exported will be a decisive factor in being referenced by the big brands. But be careful, translating instructions is not that simple… It requires mastery of a vocabulary that is often highly technical depending on the sector, international units of measurement and the cultural specificities of the country.

To benefit from a good translation, the company will need to use professional translators, either an agency or a freelance translator.

Written by:
Timothee Gros

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