National Court Register (KRS)


National Court Register (KRS) into English

You’re looking for the information how to translate National Court Register (KRS) documents into English or from English into Polish? You’re visiting another translation agency website? You’re wondering where to order KRS translation and if it should be a sworn translation? Where will you find a translator who will professionally translate your KRS excerpt? You’re in a good place! You don’t have to look any longer. We offer professional translation services of KRS extracts into English from the original document fast and at best prices in Poland.



KRS translation into English is often required in situations when a company or an entrepreneur is engaging in international operations and business activities carried out abroad or collaborates with foreign partners. It is essential, for example, if you open a bank account abroad, if you want to acquire new clients abroad or if you collaborate with foreign entrepreneurs, investors, or in case of conducting business, participating in international tenders and projects. Moreover, KRS Polish-English translation is crucial for the legalization of company’s operations in international markets, where it is required to provide official, business documents in English. In all these cases, professional authenticated translation of your KRS extract ensures credibility and proper understanding of the legal status of the company by foreign partners and institutions. We prepare sworn translations according to the requirements, so you won’t be disappointed.

Cost of KRS translation into English

What is the price of KRS translation into English?

Cost of KRS Polish-English translation depends on the length of the document. Price is estimated based on the number of pages. In most cases, one page of traditional KRS printout translation contains 1500 characters with spaces. In case of a certified translation, drafted by a sworn translator, one page comprises 1125 characters with spaces. Usually, translation of KRS excerpt has from 4 to 8 countable pages, and its price starts from 200 PLN. 

In order to get a precise estimate of KRS translation into English, we encourage you to send us a copy of your KRS excerpt via email. We’ll respond as soon as possible with definite estimate.

Our greatest assets

The highest quality of translation is so obvious for us, that we don’t put it among our advantages. In case of translation of a KRS printout, translation is drafted according to the requirements of the public offices. In the majority of countries, it is required that the translation is drafted by a sworn translator from the original Polish document. Our translators prepare sworn translations with professionalism and attention to detail.

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Estimate of the translation of an excerpt from KRS into English, sworn translation of KRS excerpts or any other legal documents translations in Linguaforum is always free. You can check the prices of the majority of documents in our store

Apart from the KRS translation, we offer standard and authenticated translations from many areas, oral and written translations, financial translations, translations of financial statements, or, finally, SEO translation as part of websites translations

Where will I find information about KRS?

You can download KRS applications from government websites:

You can use KRS browser in order to find a specific entity, s24 portal, where you can get your documents submitted for company entry in KRS reigster or change existing data, submit financial statement and other documents to Financial Document Repository free of charge, and also inform about the lack of obligation to drawing up an anual financial statement, as well as search through financial documents

KRS tłumaczenie na angielski krs po angielski odpis krs po angielsku

What will I use a KRS translation for?

krs tłumaczenie na angielski krs po angielsku odpis krs po angielsku

You’re negotiating terms of cooperation with English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish of American contractor and they require an KRS excerpt in English from you?

You want to open English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish or American branch of your company? Authenticated translation of your company’s current KRS in English will be required. 

What should I prepare in order to participate in a tender in, for example, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, USA or other English speaking country?

Apart from typical documents necessary for participating in a tender like, for example, a concession, a license or an estimate, providing a KRS in English is required. In some cases a traditional KRS excerpt translation into English is enough, but in the majority of cases, authenticated translation of KRS into English will be required. 

Before ordering a translation in our office, make sure if it should be a sworn translation or regular translation. 

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