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Professional Legal and Juridical Translations

The Linguaforum translation agency offers professional and reliable marriage certificate translations from foreign languages.
Our sworn translators specialize in translating official documents, including marriage certificates. All translations comply with the official requirements of state institutions.
The certified marriage certificate translation can be carried out entirely online.
Simply find the appropriate document in our translation store or make a scan or a photo of the document and send it to us by email or through the contact form.


When is a sworn marriage certificate translation required?

A sworn translation of marriage certificates may be required in various situations, mainly those related to the legalization of documents after moving to another country.

Here are some examples of situations when a notarized marriage certificate translation might be required:

  • Migration: In the case of moving to another country, institutions in that country may require a sworn translation of marriage certificates to confirm marital status.
  • Obtaining citizenship: While you are applying for citizenship in another country, a notarized marriage certificate translation can be required to confirm marital status.
  • Changing marital status in the Civil Registry Office: If you got married abroad and would like to have it recognized in your home country, it will be necessary to provide a marriage certificate translated by a sworn translator.
  • Legal procedures: In some legal procedures, such as divorces, inheritance, or property division, a sworn translation of marriage certificates may be necessary to document marital status and family ties.
  • Obtaining identification documents: A notarized marriage certificate translation may be required to obtain identity documents, such as a passport or an ID card.
  • Immigration process: If you are applying for a visa, a work permit, or permanent residence, some countries may require a sworn translation of marriage certificates to confirm your family ties.
  • Social benefits: In some cases, such as applying for social support for your family, a certified marriage certificate translation may be required to confirm your legally recognized family relationships.

If you want to have your marriage certificate translated, it is always worth checking the specific requirements of a given country or the institution to which you are submitting your documents, as regulations can vary.

Get your marriage certificate translated by us online, and you surely won’t be disappointed. Send an email, call, or watch the video and find out how to order the certified marriage certificate translation in 3 simple steps.


The highest quality of translation is so obvious to us that we do not list it among the advantages. In the case of marriage certificate translation, it is carried out in accordance with the official requirements. The certified marriage certificate translation must be performed by a sworn translator from the original document.

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Expert tip: The Civil Registry Office in Poland absolutely requires the translation of marriage certificates from the original documents. During our conversation, we will determine how to provide you with a marriage certificate translated quickly and efficiently, so that the translation includes the information that it was made from the original document.

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Translation store: Enter the store and select the country where your marriage certificate was issued. Add the chosen marriage certificate to the cart, select the delivery method, and pay online – it’s very simple. You can complete the entire process in less than 1 minute. The marriage certificate translation will be delivered within 2-3 business days to the provided address or to a parcel locker.

Contact form: Can’t find the appropriate marriage certificate in the store or you are not sure which country issued your marriage certificate? Perhaps you prefer to order a traditional translation of the marriage certificate? No problem! A sworn translation of the marriage certificate can also be ordered via the contact form. To do this, go to the contact form and send us a photo or a scan of your document.