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How much for a translation of a birth certificate

The cost of a birth certificate translation

Birth of a child is certainly a huge joy for every parent. After a few days spent in the hospital, a new member of a family finally goes home and it’s time to take care of all the necessary formalities. These include obtaining an official birth certificate for the child. For this purpose, you need to go to the nearest registry office and report the birth of the child. An employee of the office will accept the notification of the birth of the child, register it and give you its PESEL number. However, what if a child is born abroad or goes abroad with its parents after birth? It will then be necessary to translate the child’s birth certificate. How much does it cost to translate a child’s birth certificate and how to get it? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

A birth certificate is one of the most important civil status documents. A translated birth certificate allows you to confirm your identity. It is an official document that you can use at different stages of your life. Almost everyone has one and if not, you can apply for one in a very easy way. Who can provide certified birth certificate translation? How much does it cost to translate official documents? We offer professional certified translation services and we will answer all your questions regarding.

Children's Day

Interesting fact: Even though the 1st of June is International Children’s Day it is not celebrated worldwide. The origins of this holiday date back to 1925, when representatives of various countries met in Geneva, Switzerland, to convene the first “World Conference for the Well-being of Children”.

After the conference, some governments all over the world designated a day as Children’s Day to draw attention to children’s issues. There was no specific recommended date, so countries used the date that best suited their culture.

The date of June 1st is used by many countries in the former Soviet Union as “International Day for Protection of Children” was established on June 1st, 1950, in the wake of the 1949 Congress of International Democratic Federation of Women in Moscow.

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Along with the establishment of International Children’s Day, UN member states have acknowledged children’s right, regardless of race, skin color, gender, religious belief and national or social origin, to affection, love, understanding, proper nutrition, medical care, free education, protection from all forms of exploitation and to grow up in an atmosphere of universal peace and brotherhood.

In many countries Children’s Day has been established, but it is commonly not celebrated as a public holiday. For example, some countries celebrate Children’s Day on November 20th as International Children’s Day. The day was established by the United Nations in 1954 and is meant to promote the well-being of children around the world. Do you need a translation of your child’s documents? How much does it cost to translate an act? Struggling with the issue of birth certificate translation? We offer the best certified birth certificate translation services. Read more.

How do I get a birth certificate?

Birth certificates take account of the child’s name and gender. Besides, it also includes the city and date of birth. Birth certificates provide information about the child’s place of residency, as well as details about the child’s parents. On the other hand, translations of birth certificates include additional information, for example, on the difference in dialects of the language. The compilation of a birth certificate is based on a birth card and a protocol documenting a birth notification, signed by the person reporting a birth and a head of a civil registry office.

When to translate birth certificates into English? Who takes care of issuing birth certificates?

When will you need a professional translation of your child’s birth certificate (and not only)? A birth certificate is a basic document issued by the country where a child is born. It contains important information about the parents, the child, the place of birth, the date and time, and sometimes describes the child’s health. Where do I get a British birth certificate? You usually get a British birth certificate issued by the General Register Office (GRO). The certificate also tells if the child who has been born is healthy or has any abnormalities. The certificate is needed for important processes, such as inheritance, studying abroad, an immigration birth certificate or visa may be required for getting a job abroad.

There are several situations in which you will need a birth certificate translation:

  • immigration birth certificate: you will have to possess the translated document in order to study or work abroad;

  • localization of a birth certificate: that is, in a situation where a child has been born outside the borders of a country;

  • in inheritance issues in the UK or America;

  • applying for child support, it will be necessary to provide a birth certificate if a child is from abroad and the child’s father is from the UK/America;

  • when contracting a marriage, if one of the spouses is not English/American.

Of course, these are not the only cases when parents will be forced to order such a translation. You can use our professional translation services in other circumstances as well.

When is it necessary to translate an English birth certificate into other languages?

Do you need a translation of an English certificate into some other language because of a trip? Most often, a translation of a certificate is needed when contracting a marriage outside of the English/American borders or before moving to another country. However, these are not the only possible scenarios. If you plan to start your education abroad or start a new job, you will also need a foreign birth certificate. Translation of a birth certificate strictly requires the original document in most official institutions.

Who can provide an official certified birth certificate translation?

Do you know who is responsible for translating official documents? Or what is certified translation or ordinary translation? Have you ever had to translate official documents? If you need a birth certificate translation, a professional translation company can help you with all your document translation issues. Is a birth certificate translation done by an ordinary translator? Who does the translation of certificates? A simple document translation won’t be sufficient. In case of translation of state documents, they require a sworn translation. Who is a sworn translator of a foreign language? A sworn translator is a person who is authorized to provide certified professional translations of documents, including birth certificates, or to certify their copies. He is responsible for all his translated texts, as he always signs with his special seal. The most important thing in translating documents is accuracy. We work with a team of certified translators and translation experts, who have experience translating birth certificates and will take care of delivering birth certificate translation.

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How much does it cost to have a sworn birth certificate translation from a professional translator?

Do you need your birth certificate translated? How much does it cost to translate official documents? In the case of sworn translations, the cost of translating a birth certificate depends on several factors, mainly on the language of the translation, the size of the documents as well as the time required to complete the translation. In addition, our agency’s translation includes translation of different versions of the child’s birth certificate. We provide translation of a short-form birth certificate, which you also may encounter, as well as an unabridged birth certificate. Have you contacted a certified translation agency? If you want to know how much it costs to translate a birth certificate, contact us and you will receive a free, non-committal quotation.

Parents who have had a child born in England will ask how much does it cost to translate a birth certificate from English into Polish. In turn, parents who plan to move to England will ask how much does it cost to get an English translation of a birth certificate? The cost of such translations fluctuates between £15 and £80 net. It is best to ask our consultants for details. Quotation of the translation is completely free and non-committal. You are welcome to contact us and ask questions.

We also provide birth certificate translation online. Head to to learn how to receive a high-quality birth certificate translation in short turnaround times without leaving home. We provide official translations, including translating birth certificates online.

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