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tłumaczenie literatury przekład literacki

Literature translations

Do you wonder how translating books looks like? Or maybe you want to become translator? Literature translation is very complex field, noneless translating such text may bring a lot of satisfaction. Thanks to translators of literature…

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Popular languages in game localizations

Game localizations are developing very fast on the whole world. It’s worth to mention, that Poland is one of the biggest computer games manufacturer in the world. What comes with it, is that in Poland, we have rising number of game localizations. We know little bit of something about this, because under brand of…

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Sworn translator

Graduates of linguistic studies very often dream of being a translator, however getting diploma is not always enough to achieve this goal. Sometimes happens, that theoretical knowloedge learnt from lessons taken at university, does not go in pair with practise, which is very important while doing any job. Practical abilities are incredibly important in the translator work, especially…

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Tłumaczenie stron www i internetowych

Transating websites

Benefits from SEO comes mostly from content of your own website, that increases visibility in search results and organic traffic. Multilingual websites multiply those benefits. Translated content contain many key words, which will greatly help…

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flagi różnych krajów

Languages of future

Do you wonder what languages are languages of the future, that would be beneficial to learn to improve possibilities on labour market? In this article you will find ranking of some languages and learn, how knowledge of other languages improves…

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sentencje na tatuaż

Tattoo quotes

Tattoo translations New tattoo is certainly a big moment in the life of anyone who decides to get a tattoo. People tattoo the names or

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Man giving business presentation in front of huge crowd

How to make a successful presentation?

Making a strong and persuasive presentation might sometimes seem a bit challenging. Especially when it comes to an official, business environment. Clarity, coherence and consistency of text are some of many aspects to which we should…

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What is game localization?

Although the name may be slightly misleading, the process of video games localization has nothing to do with the location of the plot of the game being played. Game localization is something that make the dialogues, the game world and objects a coherent whole, that gives…

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localization website localization website translation

Website localization

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without technology or the Internet. Especially during the pandemic the need for online communication has become bigger due to many people’s social and professional lives being moved online. Additionally, websites are visited by users from…

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scientific translator online

Scientific Translator

The name itself suggests that this is one of the most complex types of translation. Although it is not the most popular type of service for which clients turn to translation agencies, it is substantial. Translating scientific texts into other languages allows…

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Quality medical translation

When health is at stake, one mistake could change everything. This is the case with medical translation, where we must be especially careful. It is best to work with translators qualified in this discipline, as they know how to…

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translation agency

Mixed marriage in Arab countries

Mixed marriage has become increasingly common as religion, culture or nationality are no longer a barrier. In this article, we will focus on the procedure, documentation and conditions required for a foreigner to marry an Arab. The formalities are abundant and vary according to…

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blog translations

Translating video games into rare languages

Nowadays, it is increasingly advisable to translate a video game into a language that is rarely used in localisation, such as Swahili, Lithuanian or Moldovan. English may be the most widely used language in video game translations, but…

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jak założyć bloga jak założyć bloga na wordpress na czym polega blog

What are Blogs for?

In an increasingly technological world, knowledge can be acquired in many different ways. Nowadays, information is literally at your fingertips. All it takes is opening up a browser and typing in whatever resonates in your head. Among these mediators for…

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blog translations


It has not been —nor is— an easy task to transcend the best ever developed games to the Spanish public. Some years ago, they were either not translated, or subject to unprofessional translations. However, over time this…

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