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a Medical translator saves lives

Medical translations cannot be simply assumed

Medical translations are carried out by highly qualified medical translators with the necessary expertise in a specific area of medicine or by people with a medical background; for example doctors, physiotherapists, or pharmacists who have acquired the crucial language skills in the course of their career. At the same time, medical translations are one of the most complicated and complex fields of translation. Especially, the narrow range of medical specialisations and the risk to both health and life that even the smallest translation error could cause.

medical translations

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Medical translations are our speciality

Medical translations require one hundred percent accuracy. Precision is essential when translating any medical content, be it patient medical records, medical product leaflets, or pharmaceutical product descriptions.

The most commonly translated medical documents are clinical trials, clinical protocols, medical and pharmaceutical product leaflets and labels, production process descriptions, medical product manufacturing instructions, medical protocols, pharmacological studies, scientific journal articles and legal documents.

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Michał Kochanowski
Michał Kochanowski
15. Styczeń, 2024.
Bardzo dobra komunikacja, uczciwa cena, szybka realizacja. Polecam
mar dobinski
mar dobinski
22. Grudzień, 2023.
Profesjonalnie szybko i ceny umiarkowane!
Agnes Jedynak
Agnes Jedynak
21. Grudzień, 2023.
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z usług Biuro Tłumaczeń Linguaforum. Łatwość komunikacji, przystępna cena jak również czas realizacji z pewnością są dużym atutem biura. Polecam
Viktoriia Koshelieva
Viktoriia Koshelieva
21. Grudzień, 2023.
Bardzo szybka i wygodna realizacja zamówienia, tłumaczenie dokumentów otrzymałam do paczkomatu. Dziękuję!
Iga Nalewajko
Iga Nalewajko
20. Grudzień, 2023.
Błyskawiczne tłumaczenie dokumentu. Wszystko odbyło się bardzo profesjonalnie.
Ola Brylska
Ola Brylska
19. Grudzień, 2023.
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z usługi. Cały proces przebiegł szybko i sprawnie. Cena również znacznie bardziej konkurencyjna niż u innych biur. Bardzo polecam!
Oczy Zieleni
Oczy Zieleni
19. Grudzień, 2023.
Bardzo szybka komunikacja podczas realizacji zlecenia Ceny są atrakcyjne i przy następnych realizacjach można uzyskać zniżkę. Sprawnie i profesjonalnie i dobre ceny do tego bardzo miła obsługa. Polecamy bardzo !
Helena Wąsik
Helena Wąsik
8. Grudzień, 2023.
Świetne biuro tłumaczeniowe, szybko, skutecznie i bez żadnych problemów. Polecam!
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    Medical Translations must be professional

    Competent and professional medical translations

    In case of medical translators, proficiency in one’s chosen language pair is not enough. Translators specialising in medical translations must constantly practice to keep up with the newest innovations in medicine. This is a profession where a medical translator will never stop learning because medicine is a very innovative industry, which generates new products, procedures, and terms almost every day. Medical translators deal with medical data and sensitive information that can affect human health.

    The medical industry uses thousands of medical terms that are rarely interchangeable. A professional medical translator has acces to extensive resources and accurate glossaries of medical terms to guarantee the highest quality medical translations.

    In this field, even the slightest mistake can change the composition of a drug or a vital medical procedure. This can potentially have a very serious impact on a patient’s life.

    This is why numerous levels of quality control in translation are necessary in this field. It is essential to check the translation several times before finally sending it to the client.

    In the case of medical translations, there is no room for assumption. Every translation must be to the point, because it concerns health and life.

    We help you achieve health through professional medical translations

    Cheap medical translations by professionals

    Apart from an in-depth medical knowledge, a medical translator will often need to have technical knowledge of e.g. medical equipment. We provide translations for e.g. medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, and clinical research organisations. All our clients can rely on our guarantee to deliver flawless translations of medical records and store confidential data. There is no room for assumptions or improvisation.

    A medical translator must also have an in-depth knowledge of local regulations. Most countries have rigid regulations regarding the approval of drugs and medical procedures. Any mistake can result in delays or even lack of approval to sell a particular drug in the local market.

    Tureckie tłumaczenia medyczne
    Our goal is your satisfaction

    Ask for a free and non-binding quote for a medical translation

    • Translation of scientific journal articles and legal documents
    • Translation of an article for publication in a medical journal
    • Translation of pharmacological studies
    • Translation of the characteristics of hazardous substances
    • Translation of instrument manuals and medical equipment catalogues
    • Translation of instructions for use of medical devices
    • Translation of instructions for medical products
    • Translation of marketing material and information on the packaging of drugs
    • Translation of training material for employees of pharmaceutical companies and doctors
    • Translation of the description of the production processes
    • Translation of patent and documents approving drugs and medical devices for use
    • Translation of clinical protocols
    • Translation of medical protocols
    • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical product leaflets and labels
    • Translation of leaflet of veterinary preparations, preparations, substances, and chemicals
    • Translation of clinical trials results
    • Translation in the field of allergology
    • Translation in the field of anaesthesiology
    • Translation in the field of biostatistics
    • Translation in the field of surgery
    • Translation in the field of tropical diseases
    • Translation in the field of infectious diseases
    • Translation in the field of diabetology
    • Translation in the field of electrodiagnostics
    • Translation in the field of endocrinology
    • Translation in the field of endoscopy
    • Translation in the field of gastroeneterology
    • Translation in the field of gynecology
    • Translation in the field of hepatology
    • Translation in the field of cardiology
    • Translation in the field of laryngology
    • Translation in the field of oncology
    • Translation in the field of pediatrics
    • Translation in the field of prosthetics
    • Translation in the field of psychiatry
    • Translation in the field of pulmonology
    • Translation in the field of dentistry
    • Translation in the field of toxicology
    • Translation in the field of ultrasonography
    • Translation in the field of virology
    Medical translators

    Professional skills

    Our medical translators and interpreters are 100 per cent competent

    expertise 100%
    linguistic knowledge and translation accuracy 100%
    interpersonal skills 100%

    Medical translator vs medical interpreter

    A distinction between medical translators and medical interpreters should be made. In spite of appearances, different skills are required here and different working tools are involved. Medical translators work with, inter alia, written materials from hospitals or diagnostic laboratories, medical journals, examinations, epicrises, test protocols, and other written medical content necessary for the medical, pharmaceutical, or broader healthcare industry.

    What is the profession of a medical interpreter and translator?

    A medical translator may read the text as many times as the translation requires, use dictionaries, conduct additional research in order to find the proper terminology, and edit the translated content.

    A medical interpreter, on the other hand, interprets live, on the spot, and can only rely on their memory and already acquired skills in nomenclature and medical knowledge. Such interpretation can, e.g., be used to facilitate communication between the patient and the healthcare facility.

    A medical interpreter must act quickly and consciously

    In an industry where even the smallest error can endanger a person’s life, a medical interpreter must quickly find the precise and correct words, without dictionaries, glossaries, or other aids. Often, interpreters are forced to switch between tasks within secons. They listen in one language, memorise, and translate and speak in another language. Such work requires a very deep understanding of the cultural dimensions of both languages. It also requires empathy, excellent communication skills, and great attention to detail.

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    traducción médica intérprete médico

    What qualities should a medical interpreter have?

    Communication and interpersonal skills
    Medical interpreters overcome language and cultural barriers by connecting patietns with healthcare professionals. They are similar to mediators who facilitate communication when a patient does not speak the same language as their doctors. A medical translation requires a deep knowledge of medical terminology, both in the source and target language.

    Excellent interpersonal skills

    A medical interpreter has outstanding interpersonal skills in order to be able to understand what ails the patient. This often includes body language and facial expressions to explain the patient’s symptons and help doctors make an accurate diagnosis. An interpreter should be familiar with medical terminology, but also be familiar with colloquial speech to be able to convey the symptoms described by the patient to the doctor. A good knowledge of simple words (sometimes even slang) is essential when working in this field, as patients do not use complex medical terms to describe their feelings.

    On-site or remote medical interpreter

    Medical interpreting services can be provided on-site, but also via telephone or videoconferencing. Medical interpreting and translation is highly regulated in most countries. Sometimes even bilingual doctors do not have the qualifications to work as interpreters in, for example, hospitals because medical interpreting required complex communication skills. Generally, medical interpreting requires high proficiency in both Polish and the second language (native or near-native).

    Medical tranlations and specialisations

    Allergology | Anesthesiology | Biostatistics | Surgery | Diabetology | Electrodiagnostics | Endocrinology | Endoscopy | Gastroenterology | Gynecology | Hepatology | Cardiology | Laryngology | Oncology | Pediatrics | Prosthetics | Psychiatry | Pulmonology | Dentistry | Toxicology | Ultrasonography | Virology | Infectious diseases | Tropical diseases