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Sworn Translation of a notary act

Translation of a notary act

How and when to translate
a notary deed?

Translation of a notary act takes place in a notary office and in presence of a sworn translator if one of the parties mentioned in the act does not speak Polish at a sufficient level.

Sworn translation – which is drafted by a sworn translator who can certify translation with their signature and seal – of a notary deed is also possible in case of foreign documents, when it is required if the act was drafted by a foreign contractor or an office in another country.

Do you need an act translation ? You’re in the right place! Our translation services include sworn translations of official documents such as notarial documents. Learn how to order translation below.

In case of an oral translation of notarial documents, the translator appears in the notary office and participates in the proceedings. Usually, the translator receives a written text of the notary act and interpets it. 

Interpreting notary deeds in Warsaw, Cracow, Łódź, Wrocław or any other city, even a smaller town, is not a problem for us. We have translators working with official documents all around Poland.

The cost of notary translation

Notary translation – the cost depends on the length of the text in case of written texts or the time spent during the notary proceedings in case of interpreting. In every situation, we inform the client about the cost of services, and the price is known in advance.

Types of notary acts

In which situations it is necessary to carry out a translation of a notary act?

Documents requiring translation submitted in notary proceedings are as follows:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Translation of Power of Attorney
  • Protocols of General Meetings of Shareholders
  • Purchase/ Selling of a property 
  • Company Deed
  • Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Company Statue
  • Developer Agreement
  • Parents’ approval for child’s trip abroad
  • Inheritance, Last Will 
  • Deed of Succession Certification
  • Protests of bills of exchange and cheques
  • Contract for transfer/sale
  • Extension of perpetual usufruct 


These documents must be drafted by a notary and translated by a sworn translator who can certify translations. Remember to choose the translation company whose services include sworn translations.

Our greatest assets

The best quality of translation is so obvious for us that we don’t list it among our advantages. With us, translation accuracy and professionalism is guaranteed. In case of translation of notary certificate, translation is drafted according to public offices and notary regulations, and usually in the presence of a notary. Translation of a notary act has to necessarily be a sworn translator. By choosing our translation company, you’re sure you’ll get a certified translation drafted by professional translators. Order act translation today, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Expert tip: In case of the oral translation of a notary act, sworn translator, before proceeding with the interpreting, can check meeting participants’ language skills. If the translator concludes that one of the participants does not understand the language which knowledge they declared beforehand at a sufficient level, the translator has a right to refuse to carry out the translation. 

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Expert tip: It is better to look for a notary in a bigger town, because it increases the probability of selecting a translator, who wouldn’t have to commute from a different city and require additional pay. Our advisors will happily check sworn translators’ availability in a specific location. 

How to order
the translaion of a notary act?

Oral or written translation?

Oral translation of a notary act: Click on the button above, choose as a type of translation “ORAL” and fill up the contact form. 

Usually, notary services do not last longer than 1 hour. Definitive time depends on the length of the notary act. 

Written translation of a notary act: Click on the button above, choose as a type of translation “WRITTEN” and fill up the contact form.

Add photos or scans of the notary deed which will be translated. It will help us estimate the cost of translation.