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Do you want to prepare translation of user manual?

Translations of technical instructions are needed in various situations. Usually it is required by law or after importing something from abroad and wanting to put it into the market. Much rarer, wish to translate user manual comes from peronal decision. If it does happens, it is because to know possibilities of new gadget bought on the chinese or american shipping portal.

How to translate pdf with pictures?

Translation agency Linguaforum is realizing professional translations of user manuals pdf and technical instructions, while keeping format of original files, which helps with later usage of user manual or documentation. We have necessary technical facility, to prepare one to one translation pdf with pictures or technical drawings. After translation user manual will look practically the same as the original document in the source language.

In our agency you will get best price for complete and diligently made translation in pdf or technical documentation while keeping original graphic form. You only need to send us documents you want to translate and we will take care of the rest. Everything in 3 easy steps without going out of home.

1. Send photo or scan

How to order translation of user manual or technical translation?

Send us documents you want to translate. Depending on format and quality of original material, during translation we will try to reproduce original layout of user manual or technical document. Translating user manual from pdf with pictures or technical drawings is no problem for us. Send us your materials in any form at adress:

2. CONFIRM quote

In the mail you will receive pricing with list of payment options. Pick most convinient option for you and confirm the commision.

3. Get the translation

Finished translation of user manual pdf or technical document you will get from us on your mail. We will do our best to make it resemble the originial as much as it is possible.













    If you are not sure whether during meeting, presence of sworn translator is required, at the bottom of form, describe briefly under what circumstances your interpretation is to take place. We will try to suggest best solution.





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    Price won’t rise after translating. You will pay exactly the same amount of cash we specified in the quote.

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    How much does manuals translations or technical documentation cost?

    Send us documents you want to translate. We will do our best to analize them and send you free and non-bounding quote in the 30 minutes. We guarantee best price in Poland.

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    Manuals and technical documents TRANSLATIONS

    Is it possible to translate pdf with pictures?

    Of course! Our translations are clear, comprehensible and precise. Our huge experience in the field of technical translations, guarantee that we will take care of even smallest details. What’s important, is that thanks to our exentsive team of graphic designers, we will deliver you finished and translated document that keeps the graphic layout of original document. Specifics of technical instructions is large number of graphics or technical designers.

    To make a good translation of user manual, it can’t lack the important graphic elements. We have not only talented translators but we also have great graphic designers which will make translation to original graphic layout of translated user manual or technical documents. Translation agency Linguaforum have huge experience and needed resources, to prepare translating of documents or user manual pdf on highest level

    How to translate pdf with pictures?

    User manuals and technical documents, firstly should be comprehensible and practical for its users. Important – and sometimes required element of this kind of documents are technical drawings or infographics. In translations very often those important elements don’t appear.

    But not here! We have taken translating of technical documents and user manuals to whole new level. On your translation will work both technical translators and graphic designers.

    As a leading translation agency we are offering translations of technical documents and user manuals in almost 100 languages. All translations are done by native speakers of target language and specialists in the specific technical fields

    What tools should be used during translation of technical documentation?

    Translation of technical instructions require not only necessary skills in translating, but also some tools that will make translating of user manual, clear and understandable for its user. Most important from tools is software for computer-assisted translating. That software or platforms allows for effective and efficient translating on the base of previous translated texts.

    Thanks this kind of software translators can use glossaries. Those are specialist thematic dictionaries, made from the previous translating projects. Glossaries are very helpful, especially when it comes to translating textbooks. Using glossaries, translator is sure he will always use the same terms that are automatically put into translation by software, and consitency in the explaining of technical aspects will guarantee, that instructions in the textbooks will be understandable. 

    Software CAT is used by translators and translator agencies that wish to keep developing knowledge about different fields. Thanks to software CAT client, that orders commision from German to Polish or translation of technical instructions from English to Polish can be sure that translation will be done based on experience in the translating in the field in question. Producents of AGD, electronic devices or other devices usually pick one translation service provider who will provide highest quality of service. That kind of quality is guaranteed in translation agency Linguaforum.

    Translating of user manuals is fundamental element of each company producing products for users. In today’s global economy almost each product is sold on the global market or its gets to users speaking in different languages. No matter if it sells only in Poland or in the other country, having high quality of translations is a must.

    While realizing translations we concentrate on 2 elements – quality and price. We doing our best to provide best prices in the industry, establishing unique pricing structure for translating of user manuals, which will raise quality of translations.

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    What kind of skills translator should have, to prapre good translation of user manual?

    To prepare good translation of user manual, translator should firstly know target and source language of translation very well. It is absolutely required in each kind of translation, but in the case of user manual translation or translating of technical documents it’s not enough. Incredibely important is also precisness and conciseness of translation. User manual translation included in technical documentation must be absolutely clear and accurate with the original. Translator simply must understand what user is supposed to do and explain it in the target language. That’s why translators doing user manual translations should have sufficient knowledge about field the textbook they are translating, is about.

    Translations of user manual pdf is in itself very similiar to translating of technical texts. Required is knowledge of specific phrases and vocabulery, which will make it easier to understand that kind of content.

    tłumaczenie dokumentacji technicznej

    Translating of technical documentation or user manual with sworn translator seal?

    It can so happen, that for tendering or official purposes required will be certified translation done by sworn translator. It is no problem for us. Each technical translation we can prepare and authenticate by sworn translator so it can meet the required standards. 

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    Best price in Poland

    Manuals pdf translations in best prices

    Translation agency Linguaforum have huge experience in translating technical texts and instructions. From the bigger projects we can mention translating technical documentation of second metro line from English to to Polish and from Polish to English.

    At the request of MSWiA we also translated report about the Smolensk crash from Polish language to English and Russian.

    We cooperate on permanent basis with construction companies from England, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. If you want to get translation of technical documentation or user manual you came to the right place.

    Why do we have best price for translation of technical documents and user manuals?

    Answer is very simple. Tradition, experience and long term business contacts. Translation agency Linguaforum exists since 2006. Following the rule of demand and supply we have developed attratvice conditions of cooperation with best construction interperters. 

    This market require commitment of all-round language specialists which will translate without mistake many different types of technical documents and user manuals.

    How to order translation of technical documentation?

    3 easy steps from getting a quote to translation

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    Send us a photo or scan of the documents you want to translate. In the case of an interpreting job, send us a brief description of the job, the date and location of the translation. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free, no-obligation offer for a certified translation.
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    You can pay for the translation by a traditional bank transfer, fast transfer or by Blik through Przelewy24, by PayPal or by cash in our translation agency. You will receive all the details in the quote for the translation.
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    Translations are carried out on the spot. The delivery time depends on the volume of the document. Sworn translations are sent by courier and regular translations are sent to your e-mail.
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