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Technical translation is a highly specific field. Often the documentation is supplemented with a number of photos or technical drawings. Simply translating the text, even when it is done by the best technical English translator, is not enough, as the graphics are an integral part of such documentation. Of course, one can supplement the translation with a key, descriptions, numbered content and graphic elements, however this is not very user-friendly. This is why at our office we always execute technical translations with the support of a graphic designer. Every translated document will be visually identical to the original. Of course, it all depends on the source material. If you want to translate your technical documentation, send it to us. The quotation for each commission is always free of charge at our office.

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There are few technical fields that are as complex as modern aviation. When it comes to air crashes, they pose additional challenges and texts regarding them include specialised vocabulary in fields like aviation, materials engineering, medicine, international law and mechanics.

Why would we mention this?

In 2011 the Linguaforum translation office was commissioned by the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Poland to do a sworn translation into English and Russian of the Polish Government’s official report on the Smoleńsk air disaster of 2010 that killed almost 100 passegers, including President Lech Kaczyński and the First Lady Maria Kaczyńska.

This commission was technically, substantially, and psychologically challenging for our team because of the importance and complexity of the subject matter. Additionally, we needed to handle time pressure and the horrific details included in the report. Our translation office succeeded in carrying out the commission with extreme care and the translation has not been discredited in the slightest.

This example shows that we are able to execute even the most complex projects, such as the technical translation mentioned above. It required vast knowledge in several fields and the pressure was enormous. However, no challenge intimidates us!

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When it comes to the matter of technical translation, we only work with the best translators who are specialists in their respective fields. A good technical English translator needs practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as experience. A number of our translators have acquired degrees in various technical subjects. Others have many years of experience in working in the given field and thus have acquired practical knowledge, which is crucial in executing a good-quality, precise technical translation. Such translators are also commissioned by universities worldwide to translate scientific papers.


We offer translations of user manuals, technical documentation, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, as well as translation of PDF files. All those texts will be graphically identical to the original. This is crucial when it comes to documents that include a number of technical drawings. We are able to provide you with content that is ready to use and print.


At our office we work with software that allows us to guarantee cohesion and consistency in specialised vocabulary throughout the whole translation process even in the biggest projects. In case of close deadlines we work with a number of technical translator teams who are able to translate extremely long and complex documents in a timely fashion.

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Quality has to cost, that much is obvious. Clearly, this is also the case with the services of a good technical English translator. However, we offer the best possible prices for the highest quality technical translation services. Notice how we said the best, not the lowest. You can commission a quotation of yourtechnical translation, always free of charge. It pays of to work with us – see for yourself!

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Technical translation services are a vast branch of the translation industry. The translation’s expertise and specialised knowledge in the field, both theoretical and practical, play a crucial role here.

A company will always employ experts in different fields, e.g. electronics, mechanics or hydraulics. Correspondingly, our translators also specialise in given fields. Linguaforum works with a number of experienced technical translators, many of whom have been authorised by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and have worked in the given field for a long time.

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    Technical translation services!

    There are as many categories of technical translations as there are sectors in the the industry. Here are the most crucial ones that a technical English translator will be working within:

    • Mechanics
    • Robotics
    • Construction
    • Engineering
    • Agriculture
    • Mechanical engineering

    Among others, we translate the following types of documents:

    • User manuals
    • Technical documentation
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    • Operations and Maintenance Manuals (O&MM)
    • Health and safety manuals
    • Terms of reference

    These are just a few of the many types of technical texts that require both practical and theoretical knowledge. Such knowledge is guaranteed while working with a good technical English translator.

    Your satisfaction is our goal!

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