What are business translations?

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Business translations can be divided into oral and written. The first are very useful during all negotiations and business talks between parties coming from different countries and not speaking the same language. They are needed in order to understand, e.g. the terms and conditions or proposed offers. The second, written translations, include translation of contracts or other documents, but also correspondence between companies or marketing texts.

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How to order a business translation?

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    How much does a business translator cost?

    Send us your documents. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free and non-binding quote. We guarantee you the best offer on the Polish market.

    The role of a translation in business

    Nowadays conducting business talks between parties and making deals is fundamental to achieving success on an international level. There are many factors that support this process and contribute to the realisation of the desired goals by the owners of various companies or people who own any business.

    Business translations are one of these elements. It is thanks to them that businesses, large and small, can continue to develop no matter the corner of the world.

    Without appropriate factual and practical preperation, business translations will be difficult to understand. They may contain specialist nomenclature or specific terms known only to a very narrow circle of business professionals. But don’t worry, our business translator is well-qualified and knows how to do their job right.

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    Do business translations require sworn translators?

    Apart from being very specific, business translations often require authentication by a sworn translator. Our sworn translators can be found on the list of sworn translators of the Ministry of Justice.

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    Here are some of the most common business translations

    Business translator
    at the best price in Poland

    A business translator has to have knowledge of law, industry, or marketing. A business translator should also specialise in understanding the culture of a given country and know the intentions of a given company, in order to perform the most accurate translation. Such activities are sometimes a challange for translators, but they guarantee satisfaction and contribute to client’s success on the market.

    As for larger projects, we make translations from English into Polish and from Polish into English. We apply lumpsum prices, which allow us to negotiate various discounts for standard documents. The price remains unchanged after the agreement with the client and translator.

    Why do we have the best price for business translations?

    The answer is quite simple. Experience, reliability, and numerous established business contacts. Linguaforum Translation Agency was established in 2006. We operate according to the supply and demand principle and work out attractive cooperation conditions for our clients with the best translators.

    This market requires the involvement of versatile language specialists, who will flawlessly translate various business documents.

    How to order a business translation?

    3 easy steps from quote to translation

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    Send us a photo or scan of the documents you want to translate. In the case of an interpreting job, send us a brief description of the job, the date and location of the translation. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free, no-obligation offer for a certified translation.
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    You can pay for the translation by a traditional bank transfer, fast transfer or by Blik through Przelewy24, by PayPal or by cash in our translation agency. You will receive all the details in the quote for the translation.
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    Translations are carried out on the spot. The delivery time depends on the volume of the document. Sworn translations are sent by courier and regular translations are sent to your e-mail.
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    How do business translations work in international relations?

    Translations also give you an opportunity to maintain good relations on the international arena, thanks to the smooth contact and mutual understanding of each other’s content. A business translator is a kind of a link between countries and thanks to their work, agreements and various transactions which affect the economy of a given country are often concluded. As we all know, international relations, especially economic ones, are fundamental for strengthening ties on a global scale.

    This is why it is worth investing in business translations. All the advantages of translations used in business leave no doubts that it is worthwhile to use this kind of services. They ensure better and professional functioning of a company, which as a result influences its better position on the market and gaining worldwide recognition.

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