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Languages of the future

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Do you wonder what languages are languages of the future, that would be beneficial to learn to improve possibilities on labour market? In this article you will find ranking of some languages and learn, how knowledge of other languages improves your attractivness for possible employer and what languages you should learn to find well-paid job and achieve sucess.

If you want to know answer to question of whether is it worth it to know other languages there can be only one answer – of course yes. No without reason number of people that know many languages is increasing. Using other languages gives a lot of possibilities and advantages. It has so many benefits, about which we could talk hours and hours, but today we will focus on future connected with language. Learning new languages has real effect on your future career. Almost each job offer requires to know foreign language. That kind of employees usually earn more than those who don’t know any foreign languages. Even knowledge of English increases your chances. Right now the most seeked out languages are: German, French, Italian, Scandinavian languages and even Russian despite current situation.  

przyszłościowe języki. Jakich języków warto się uczyć?
Knowledge of even one foreign language increases your attractivness on job market

Why you would need other languages?

Job market is changing incredibely fast. New possibilties appear, because many companies decide for investments inside Poland. Some countries are developing  economically and technologically very fast, and because of that demand for people know languages of those countries increases.

It is important to mention, that in today’s world knowledge of English or other languages from popular group of foreign languages won’t guarantee you sucess. That’s why a lot of people deciding to learn even more languages. Learning new languages surely will give new possibilities and will open new doors on job market. Important is also level of knowledge of those langauges. Sometimes communicative level of languages is not enough and you need to be experienced in usage of foreign language. If you think about work in business, helpfull will be foreign business language or specilist language.

So what are the most needed languages, which will bear fruits in future? 
Answer for that question you can find below.

What are the languages of future?

nauka angielskiego
Knowledge of other languages gives possibilities for better job

English on job market

lekcje jęz.angielskiego
Communication in foreign languages gives you many possibilities

Why is it worth it to learn this language? English is world lingua franca, which means that it is the most popular and language of the world. There is no doubt that English is best language to learn if you want to get good job. English is used in almost 94 countries and number of people using this languages (as first and second language) is 942 millions. English is the “official” language of official world, international language of corporations and official language of biggest economies of USA or Great Britain.

English is great if you think of languages which will give you real benefits.

Noneless in today’s times this language is very popular and good knowledge of it won’t be enough. Being fluent in English is very valuable taking into consideration situation on market. While learning English you should also try to learn elements of business or specialist langage such as, medical, IT or one with new technologies. Thankfully English lectors are common and everyone will find something fit for themselves and their abilities. In English avaible is huge number of books, podcasts, movies or free courses. In Poland in every school English is taught so maybe we should try to get best out of it? 

Knowledge of Chinese

Why you should learn Chinese? This language have huge potential. Learning Chinese for sure will make it worth it in the future. Chinese language is used by about one billion people on whole world. China have second largest and one of the fastest developing economy in whole world. Due to this development, need for workers suing chinese is increasing as well. Maybe it is not easiest language of the world, but with it we have guaranteed further career development, and with it bigger pay and possibilities abroad. While picking course you need to take care of dialect you will use. Most profitable is Manadrin Chinese that is know not only by Chinese but also Taiwanese, Indonesians, Malaysians or Singaporeans.

Right now language schools, offers courses of Mandarin Chinese, that’s why there will be no problems if you want to start learning it.

One of the most popular languages - Spanish

Next language is Spanish. It’s used not only by Spaniards and all of the South America but also by minorities in USA. Spanish is also one of the most commonly used foreign language. According to British Council, Spanish is used also by 34% companies in Great Britain. It shows that market is really huge. Number of people that knows Spanish is already one and a half billion and it’s still increasing. About 46 milions people are learning Spanish. Maybe it’s not necessary language in business world, but with such big number of its users, for sure this language will be helpful as a additional foreign language.

Languages of future have great potential

Japanese - language of future

Japanese even if doesn’t belong to most populars languages, it has bright future. Japan has a key contribution in international trade, and possess great number of shares in different fields of industry, including finances, IT (mostly in programming), automotive industry and pharmaceutical industry. Japanese is broadly used in fields such as technology, what makes it one of the best business languages of future.

Furthermore, knowledge of japanese will be helpful, because Japan is home to several known retail chains. This country is center of production and educational innovations, because it has one of the newest technologies in the world. Learning Japanese surely will bring many benefits in future.

Arabic - needed language

Why is it worth to learn Arabic? As one of the main languages of Middle East, Arabic is one of the most useful languages in business and it can give many opportunities, particulary in the oil and gas industry. However  business is not limited only to oil fields in Middle East – it also includes infastructure, fashion and tourism.


Arabic is very populare choice, usually for people learning second foreign language, because it allows companies and their workers exansion to new markets. It can also help emloyees to communicate with foreign clients, help companies in dissemination of their brands as well as help to establish long-term relations in arabic countries. It is well known that knowledge of business partners languages may be key on the road to successful carrier.

Arabic, right after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English and Hindi, is fifth most used language in the world, counting 274 millions people using this language at native level.

business meeting
Knowing foreign languages, gives you a chance for international job

Hindi, language of future?

Next language we will discuss is Hindi. This language is worth to learn, which is being proven by increasing number of companies in India. India experienced one of the biggest economical growth in the world. Hindi is one of offical languages of India and is used by 577 millions people as their native language.


There is huge agricultural, artisic and cultural heritage to be found in India. Industry is developing fast, and consumer market is significant. Learning Hindi will help you work at local market, if you want to trade with this developing and rising in power economy. There was also idea of adding Hindi to the Languages of United Nations. If it will be accepted, all of documents of UN will have to be delivered in this language.

German - one of the most popular business languages in Europe

Why it’s worth to learn this language? German is one of the most useful languages in business in Europe, because Germany have most populous economy on the European continent, and German is commonly used in whole EU. As the best in the whole world country in aspect of industry, Germany are one of the European ecomic powerhouses. Quality of life and friendly enviroment for buisness were highly rated.

Almost 95 millions of people on whole world speaks German, in this a lot of people in Middle Europe, that’s why learning this language will bring benefit of possible advertising your company in other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland. Knowledge of German allows for easier communication with business partners. Considering the geographical location of Poland, German may be very valuable on Polish job market. Additional value is great avaibility of lectors, thanks to which learning of German may be much cheaper than f.e. Mandarin Chinese.
Knowledge of more than one language makes you more valuable on job market
Now you know what are the languages of future, and why it’s worth to begin learning new language.

Learning new languages allows you to spread wings on job market but not only. Valuable is communication in English but also some other language from list above – knowledge of additional language for sure will be your advantage.

Remember, that your salary usually will be depending on how advanced you are in the usage of other languages you know. Noneless, people knowing more languages can be sure to get higher salary. I hope, that you know how huge of a role foreign language have on job market and that you are motivated to learn second language!

Author: Dominika Gawryluk

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