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Death Certificate Translation Services


Order translation of a death certificate from a certified translation company without leaving your home

In such a challenging situation, when you need a legalised translation of the death certificate of a close one or a relative, we are here to help you. Our office provides professional and fast translation services of death certificates with expected sensitivity and professionalism to help you sort out any formal affairs in this difficult time.
Trusted professionals to translate death certificates

Our sworn translators specialize in translating official documents, for example various personal documents, including death certificates. We carry out certified translations of death certificates according to regulations of public offices and institutions in Poland and abroad.

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When will you need death certificate translation?

Sworn translation of a death certificate is essential if you need to register the death of a close one in institutions, public offices or other formal situations in Poland or other countries. Sworn translation of a death certificate is a translation drafted by a sworn translator from the Ministry of Justice’s list, who is empowered by the authorities to provide the translation certification with their personal signature and seal. Moreover, it means that the sworn translation of a notarized death certificate is recognized as reliable and official, and it must be honoured by public offices and institutions all around the world. 

In what situations is a translation of death certificate important?

Registering one’s death: Every demise must be registered in the Registry Office or its equivalent institution aborad. In a situation when someone died abroad, but the funeral is about to take place in the deceased person’s native country or in a third country, the person’s close ones will need a notarized death certificate translation into the official language of the country to which the person’s body will be transported.

Inheritance matters: If the death certificate applies to a person who was a citizen of another country or died abroad, it may be required to submit translated death certificates and get the certificate translation accepted in order to complete all the paperwork related to inheritance, the transfer of assets or any other legal affairs.

Pension and insurance matters: In some cases, for example applying for pension after the deceased or a life insurance payout, the appropriate insitutions may require to translate death certificate if the person died in a country different from the one they had their pension paid or insurance registered. Remember that it should be a sworn translation.

Requirements for translations of death certificates

By the time of choosing translation service, it is worth to remember that requirements for sworn translations of death certificates can differ depending on the country and specific institutions. Not meeting those requirements can result in the institutions denying a certified translation approval. If you’re not sure if you need a sworn translation of a death certificate, you can always talk to appropiate authorities and institutions in a given country.


Translation process
Our greatest assets

The highest quality of translation is so obvious for us, that we do not list it among our advantages. In case of translation of marriage acts, we carry out translations according to the requirements of public offices. Translations of birth certificates must be drafted by a certified translator from the original document.

Tłumaczenie dokumentów samochodów

Expert tip: Registry Offices in Poland strictly require sworn translation of a notarized death certificate to be drafted from the original document. When you talk to us, we will try to establish how to quickly and efficiently include on the translation the information that the translation was drafted from the original document.

Do you need to get death certificate translated?

Order translation of a death cerfiticate now, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with our services. To receive the translation, send us an e-mail, call us or watch the instruction and find out how to get the translated certificate in three very easy steps.


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Translation store: Enter the store and select the country in which the death certificate was issued. Add the selected certificate to the cart, choose the delivery method and pay online – it’s very simple. You can complete the entire process in less than a minute. Do you need fast certified translation services? You can count on us. We will deliver the translation within 1-2 working days to a provided address or to a parcel locker.

Contact form: You cannot find death certificate you’re interested in from the options in the store or you’re not sure which country issued the certificate? Or maybe you are not able right now to search for the appropriate document in our store? No problem! Take a picture of the death certificate and send it to us by an e-mail or through a contact form. To do this, click the button above.