What is scientific translation all about?

traducción científica traducción de artículos científicos traducir artículos científicos

Academic translation requires both a perfect command of the given languages, and thorough knowledge in the field concerning the text. Here at Linguaforum we translate scientific papers and we pride ourselves in their quality! If you need to translate academic papers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scientific transation is a vast field and is often closely connected with specialised and technical translation. Most often when someone is looking to translate scientific papers, the source texts are highly specialised. This is why thorough academic knowledge is a requirement for the translator when it comes to academic translation.

Such a translator can specialise in fields such as medicine, biology, pharmacy, chemistry, physics, and others. Therefore, in order to provide scientific translation services, one must acquire knowledge in the aforementioned fields, as well as many more.

The most commonly used language when dealing with academic translation is English. At Linguaforum we work with many different language pairs!

scientific translation in 3 easy steps
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1. send us a photo

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    The price counts!

    How much does it cost to translate scientific papers?

    Do you need to translate academic papers? Send us the text. Up to 30 minutes you will receive a non-binding quotation free of charge. We guarantee the best prices in Poland!


    When is scientific translation required?


    Scientific translation services are most often needed by professional research centres and scientific companies. Most of the time they are looking to introduce their products on a wider, often international market. Good quality academic translation allows their clients’ needs to be met in any given country.

    The Inernet and globalization both mean that many companies have started working with distributors and suppliers from other countries. Therefore, they need their websites translated in order to be accessible for more international clients. Often they also need to translate scientific papers in various fields. Our translators who specialise in academic translation, as well as our sworn translators, will help your company enter the international market.

    traducción científica traducir artículos científicos traducción de artículos científicos

    At Linguaforum you can commission us to translate academic papers without leaving your house!


    How does scientific translation work?

    In most cases the aim of scientific papers is to share discoveries or research with the rest of the academic community, and society in general. This is when academic translation becomes an absolute necessity. It is also common that scientists use sources in different languages while conducting their research. It should be noted that it is not easy to translate scientific papers and that is why adequate knowledge and experience are required.

    At Linguaforum we offer the best prices for scientific translation to and from Polish and English; this is the language pair that is most often commissioned. Our translator usually works with texts in PDF and DOCX formats. Contact us and we will send you a non-binding offer in up to half an hour.


    Confidentiality, precision, and promptness

    As mentioned, we most often translate to or from English. At Linguaforum we guarantee you precise, prompt, and affordable service. Commission us to translate academic papers to and from English, Polish, and many other languages.

     We often translate scientific papers, as well as various articles for international audiences. Among others, we translate into languages such as English, German, and Russian. Our clients choose us thanks to the skill of our translators and their years-long experience in their profession.

    translate scientific papers

    scientific translation to and from English, Polish, and other languages

    the 4 pillars of quality when it comes to academic translation

    Extensive vocabulary

    The more complex a text, the more nuance is required when approaching it. The same word may have differing meanings in two different fields. That is why we advise scientific translators to work with glossaries.


    Analysis of neologisms and abbreviations

    Texts that are subjects of scientific translation often include many borrowed words, which is why adequate equivalents must be found while translating into the target language. If there is no such equivalent, the translator might even be faced with creating neologisms.

    Cohesion and consistency

    It is crucial to pay attention to grammar and orthography, as well as numbers and units of measurement. It is no less important for the text to be cohesive.


    Keeping the audience in mind

    The translator should keep in mind the target audience of the text they are translating, as well as what is going to be the purpose of the translation. A different approach is needed when translating for scientists and when translating for a wider audience.

    At Linguaforum we guarantee you a personal approach to every text, as well as full confidentiality when it comes to our scientific translation services. Rest assured that any sensitive data is safe with us!

    At Linguaforum scientific translation is done by experienced translators with extensive knowledge in the given field.