Why should you invest in translating your website?

Website translation are highly recommended by Google to gain visibility online. Indeed, it increases your chances of being at the top of the suggestion list for a given search in 2021. Internet has become a powerhouse that breeds online shopping. There is no sign of it slowing down in the coming years. As a result of the pandemic, all companies want to minimize the losses contrived by social distancing. It is not an easy task, but it must involve a website translator. It is an efficient way of boosting your online sales network. Each language you translate your website to opens up a wider reach of potential new clients.

Website translations

A shift to online sales

Why go out to the street, offices or malls when all can be done from your computer? Your potential client will always check your service on google before making his decision. Every consumer does it, so they all become potential clients. Locate website in a simple and professional way, customers will find you.

High profit rates

As a fellow website owner, all the aforementioned arguments suggest that you should seriously consider our website translation offers. You don’t have to physically be in a country to sell there. Neither is it essential to translate the entire website. Outline the most important parts for the target language and that’s it. You’ve made a name in the international market.

Innovating translating and positioning

As the world’s leading translation agency, we offer an efficient service of positioning translation. Locate website is a combination of translation, editing, optimization of content and web positioning. Thanks to this innovative method, your website will sell itself. You will be enjoying the fruit of your investment in no time at all

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How do website translation work with LinguaForum?

Translating websites has never been so easy. Send us a link to the website you want translated. It would be even more helpful to receive the content in separate text attachments. As soon as we receive the content, we send back an estimated fee. The payment can be done online or through a traditional bank transfer. The delay depends on the quantity of content to translate and the chosen language.

Locate website

How to order?

3 Easy steps
1. Sending the link to the website
  • Do you have the text from your website in a separate attachment? Send it to for a valuation. We will immediately estimate the fee for the translation of your page.

Why do I need to send the text in a separate attachment? You know your website better than anyone, with all its options and subpages. It is very common to forget sections of the website while preparing the estimated fee.

*the quotation is totally free and without obligation. 

You will receive the fee with several payment options in an e-mail. Choose the option that suits you and confirm the payment. Here are the different options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payment with credit card
  • Pay pal (additional 6% charge)
3. Receive the final product

We will send you the translation in the agreed format. Alternatively, if you give us access to the CMS of your page, we can implement the translation straight from the website.






    We guarantee Spain’s most efficient translation of websites

    What singles us out from others?

    We offer positioning translations. As the world’s leading translation agency, we have created an innovative system. It combines translation, editing and web positioning. Website translation have never been so simple. On top of the translation in itself, we will optimize the translated content for search operators like google or other.

    Translation + Positioning

    Positioning translation

    How do position translations work?

    Web page translation: Firstly, we translate all the content of your page, in a traditional way. This translation will of course be carried out by a native speaker of the target language. This is crucial for texts designed for sales.

    Languages are always evolving. The specific vocabulary used online for marketing purposes expands even more. Only native speakers can grasp the sensibilities of the necessary language. This ensures the website is authentic and pleasant to read. It is what your clients want to read. If desired, for extra rigour or veracity, sworn translators can be resorted to.

    Choosing efficient key words: It doesn’t stop here. Our specialists in SEO and positioning will carry out and thorough analysis of the sector and the page’s competencies. The aim here is to determine what clients type in when searching for this service.

    Optimization of the content: Once the text is translated, our specialists and editors will include these efficient key words to the webpage. This optimization provides extra reach and makes sure the page is highly rated in the suggestions list. It’s about improving visibility when potential clients search online.

    Localization of products: We adapt the content of your webpage to the local culture of your clients. Without ever losing the true identity of your brand.

    tłumaczenie strony www, tłumaczenie stron www, tłumaczenie stron internetowych, tłumaczenie strony internetowej
    Multimedia localization as part of the webpage translation process

    If the client requests it, localizing the page is also an option. While translating to a foreign language, we consider the culture and traditions of the target country. This involves adapting all of the content, including multimedia (pictures, graphics, PDF attachments).

    As we translate the webpage to foreign language, we facilitate, to clients who may visit, a clear perception of the services you offer. This includes products and fees in your sector’s market, all at a relatively low price.

    Most common translations require a Spanish website translator. We also receive assignments that translate Spanish to English. English is indeed the universal language for online marketing.

    How to request a translation?

    3 easy steps from the valuation to the end result

    biuro tłumaczeń agencja tłumaczeń tłumacz przysięgły tłumaczenie przysięgłe


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    Send us a photo or scan of the documents you want to translate. In the case of an interpreting job, send us a brief description of the job, the date and location of the translation. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free, no-obligation offer for a certified translation.
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    biuro tłumaczeń agencja tłumaczeń tłumacz przysięgły tłumaczenie przysięgłe


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    You can pay for the translation by a traditional bank transfer, fast transfer or by Blik through Przelewy24, by PayPal or by cash in our translation agency. You will receive all the details in the quote for the translation.
    agencia de traducciones oficina de traducciones traductor jurado traducciones juradas


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    Translations are carried out on the spot. The delivery time depends on the volume of the document. Sworn translations are sent by courier and regular translations are sent to your e-mail.
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    Would you like to order a sworn translation online?

    Key information
    A website translation fee is nothing compared to the extra income it will lead to

    Translating your website allows you to expand your reach to new potential clients. You can now offer your product on an international scale.  You open your company to new markets and,  subsequently, to more growth.

    Risk-free valuation

    There is no pre-existing danger in sending a question. We determine a budget for free and without commitment. As such, you can compare our offer with those of other translation agencies.  If you find a more compelling offer elsewhere, come back to us and request an additional discount. This way, you’re sure of getting the best possible deal.

    Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy a product if it is advertised in their native language

    Efficient website translations

    3 methods to efficiently translate your website
    1. Translation from the original archives

    We can directly translate your website to the original format (HTML, PHP or XML), whilst maintaining the label. This method is used when there is no access to CMS. Furthermore, from the website’s archives, it is not necessary to manually translate the content.

    2. Website translation as text archives

    We can translate a website in any editable text format (for example, word or excel). Technical details are discussed internally and can vary depending on the website’s size and structure .

    3. Translating the CMS (Content Management System)

    If your website is managed by a CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, etc), its respective translation can be carried out directly from it. This solution allows the creation of a trial website before its subsequent publication. It allows an overview of the final layout and can determine whether eventual adjustments are necessary or not.

    The people’s translation agency
    We only have satisfied customers

    The translation agency Linguaforum has been in business since 2006. Since then, we have completed thousands of sworn translations, both written and verbal. Up until now, we have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate. Hard to believe? If you can find an unsatisfied customer, we’ll reward you with a 20% discount.


    Why choose us?

    A few figures on Linguaforum

    Each client is the protagonist. But what we value even more are the clients that come back. This means, we offered a service with enough diligence to leave him satisfied and trusting us.

    Our regulars can count on attractive bundles of discounts and priority for urgent translations.

    Our goal is your satisfaction

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