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Translation of financial statement

Financial translations in good price? Professional translations without leaving your home? Since 2006 we have sucessfully realized for our clients thousends of lingustic orders. For your laisure you will find here every type of translation, including written, normal and certified, spoken and specialist translations. You don’t have to search no more. You only need to contact our consultant, who will gladly help you find the best solution.

Financial translations


You don't have to search no more!

In our translation agency you will find every type of financial translations. All of this without leaving your home. Translations of financial statement are our speciality!

More than 15 year of experience in translation field allows us, to offer services of highest quality and professionalism. Regardless of type of financial document you want to translate, ask for free and non-bounding quote in 3 easy steps.

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    How much does financial translations cost?

    Send us your documents. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free and non-binding quote. We guarantee you the best offer on the Polish market.

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    Financial statement translations with no mistakes!

    English language is primary language in financial world. Most global financial operations are realised in the English. That’s why for most global corporations, financial translations are necessary for day-to-day operations.

    We use flat-rate prices, which includes discounts f.e. for repeating pages or for standarized documents. After coming to agreement with client and translator, price is set and won’t be changed.

    However it is important to remember, that financial institutions are obliged to communicating and sharing critical informations in many languages, because they operate their branches in different parts of the world.

    tłumaczenie dokumentacji tłumaczenie dokumentów

    Financial and certified translations?

    Financial translations, aside from being specific, very often they must be certified by sworn translator. Our sworn translators are on list of sworn translators of Ministry of Justice.

    tłumacz polsko arabski tłumacz arabski tłumacz przysięgły arabskiego tłumacz arabsko polski polski arabski tłumacz język arabski tłumacz

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    Best price in poland
    Financial translations in best price on the market

    Why do we have best prices for financial translations in Poland? Answer is very simple. Tradition, experience and long term business contacts. Translation agency Linguaforum exists since 2006. Following the rule of demand and supply we have developed attractive conditions of cooperation with best financial interperters. 

    It is worth to note, that our polish translators which specialise in financial translations have been picked by us, after testing them on few commisions. Each sworn translation is assigned to specific translator, which guarantee quality and satisfaction, as well as competetive prices.

    Do you know what is included in financial translations?

    As the companies providing financial services expand their operations, demand for high quality financial translations is rising.

    This market require commitment of all-round language specialists which will translate without mistake many different types of financial documents starting from white paper, business plans, profit and loss accounts and financial reports. 

    How to order financial translation?

    3 easy steps from quote to translation

    biuro tłumaczeń agencja tłumaczeń tłumacz przysięgły tłumaczenie przysięgłe


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    Send us a photo or scan of the documents you want to translate. In the case of an interpreting job, send us a brief description of the job, the date and location of the translation. Within 30 minutes you will receive a free, no-obligation offer for a certified translation.
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    biuro tłumaczeń agencja tłumaczeń tłumacz przysięgły tłumaczenie przysięgłe


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    You can pay for the translation by a traditional bank transfer, fast transfer or by Blik through Przelewy24, by PayPal or by cash in our translation agency. You will receive all the details in the quote for the translation.
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    Translations are carried out on the spot. The delivery time depends on the volume of the document. Sworn translations are sent by courier and regular translations are sent to your e-mail.
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    Did you know that...?

    Financial translations are essential for banking sector, insurence companies and other financial institutions.

    Financial translations cover wide range of documents in those fiels, including:

    Real estate– quotes, housing loan documents, financial documentation, profit and loss accounts.
    Insurence– regulatory documents, annual reports, auditor’s reports, retirment plans, other documents related to insurences.
    Economy – white pages, market research, analises, macroeconomy, economy of specific country.
    Banking – merchendise, currency exchange, public and private offerts, caveats, disclosures.
    Business and accounting – cash flow statements, business plans, balances, financial agreements.
    Investment market – prospectures, obligations, deeds, reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
    Taxes – International Financial Reporting Standards documents (IFRS), fiscal reports.

    List above, includes only few from the certain financial fields, shows how different financial translations are. Translators which specialise in the financial translations, work with many types of financial documents and have to abide by many rules and regulations, depending on target language.

    Financial translations ONLINE - how does it work?

    Send us document you want to translate, wait few minutes for quote and pay online. We always send translations by email. Certified translations are send by courier.

    Top 7 Best Financial Translations Practices

    1. Financial translations require contextual knowledge

    Financial translators should pick industry they know well, because they have studied certain subject or worked in the specific field. General education is not enough, because translator have to deal with very narrow of financial industry.

    Without required factual knowledge translator won’t be able to understand source material, that contains complex and specific terms, very often not known to the people that doesn’t work in the financial industry.

    Financial translators should be masters on the subject, having experience  in the specific field from which documents come from. In the case of financial insitutions or companies from wider financial industry, errors in translations may destroy the company credibility and even be cause of many legal problems and penelties.

    Even fully trained economists focus on narrower niche, that’s why they could lack actual knowledge in the other fields. For the example translator specializing in the external trade may have problems with translating financial and tax reports.

    2. Translators should be aware of their realistic abilities

    Hiring financial translator we must make sure, that he knows what kind of documents he can translate. In some countries there are rules concering formatting and filling of financial documents, so translator can’t try translating something he won’t be able to do correctly.

    Financial translator who is not able to precisly say what he can translate or what is outside his area of expertise, won’t be able to translate key documents such as, balance sheets, tax reports, official documents or audit reports.

    It is important to note that financial translators should know the slang or nomenclature used in the industry or even client company, mostly in the case of translating documents of financial translations. For example, price, cost and value may seem the same for the most people, but in the financial world they have completly different meanings.

    3. Formal education in similar field is very important

    Not many industries in the last 30 years seen as many innovations as financial system. From companies providing financial services for global scale up for implementing blockchain technologies, financial markets on whole worlds everyday deal with many new changes.

    In this light, financial translators wouldn’t be able to meet the client needs without contant expanding and updating their knowledge. Language specilists, which work in this industry, should along with their carrier, continue to learn about economy or other similar fields. It will broad their knowledge and improve their abilities.

    4. Keeping up with new vocabulary in the financial industry

    Financial industry comes in pair with technology and innovations, which leads to the fact that new financial instruments and innovative conceptions shows on mark almost everyday. It also means a lot of new phrases, which have to be constantly added to already broad financial terminology.

    Financial translators shold try to follow trends and learn as much as they can about newest technologies in their specialization. Journals such as Forbes, Money, websites with news or trading apps are great resources when looking for source to broad vocabulery that world experts from financial industry speaks today(Both in source and target language).

    5. Translation memory increase productivity of translators

    Many financial English terms are so new, that they may not have accurate  translations to the other languages. That kind of words won’t show in the dictionaries and are hard to translate without good knowledge about local market.

    Intelligent and economic way to deal with this challange is translation memory. This tool allows for keeping all data from previous translation projects and reuse of it in the similar projects. Basing on this data, financial translator may define appropriate terminology for descriping products and financial services that haven’t got yet local name.

    When translators depend on right data, they work better and can provide more coherent translations. Thanks to that they can speed up process of translating, without affecting the quality of translation.

    6. Confidentiality is just as valuable as specialist knowledge

    In financial translations, language experts very often work with company sensitive data, such as details about products not yet on the local market, or financial informations about clients.

    Confidentiality is key value to keep impeccable reputation of specialists working in the industry.

    7. Compliance with local regulations

    Financial translations must be detailed and precise. There is no space for mistakes in translating  documents, that may decide about future of person in question, or about bran compliance with local regulations.

    In financial documents, a lot of details may change whole sens of translation f.e. format of numbers. In most european countries commas are decimal separators, while in places like Switzerland and Liechtenstein, dot is decimal separator and apostrophe separets thousands.

    Paying close attention to details and great knowledge about local financial community is key to the high quality of financial translations.

    Our goal is your satisfaction

    Ask for free and non-bounding quote of financial translations