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Website translations - worth it or not?

Tłumaczenie stron www i internetowych

Is it worth it to invest in translating of your website?

Benefits from SEO comes mostly from content of your own website, that increases visibility in search results and organic traffic. Multilingual websites multiply those benefits. Translated content contain many key words, which will greatly help to find your services or products, when internauts from whole world search Internet for content in their own languages. Website should meet demands of each client, preferably in their native language.

In today’s times, in age of full computerisation and boom of Internet, having your own website is no longer nice addition but a necessity. Comany without their own website have no chances for success. If you are not in Internet, you are not there at all. If you don’t have website in certain langauge you don’t exist in that market.
Why is that? Answer will be different depending on industry, involvement in global market and other aspects, but almost every company have at  least few good reasons, to commission translation of website, so they can get to the all clients from the whole world.

Here’s 10 reasons why it’s worth it to translate your website: 

1. Wider range of your brand.

Shifting focus of your offer into the multinational market is great way to keep growth of your company, and localisation – that is translation of website is best way to get to foreign clients. Translating websites is key to increase brand awarness, educating potential clients, distributors or partners about your brand and what does it offer; as well as ensuring that clients will be engaged through servicing clients in their preffered languages. 

2. Your brand will be more popular abroad.

Sometimes our reputation proceeds us, and your brand surprisingly shows up on new market. If you will discover unexpected interest in your products or services abroad, try to use it by translating your website for their language. With this you will show respect and appreciation towards your new client base and you will give them platform to direct commitment to your brand. For sure process of localistion of your website is worth to start from translating to English. It’s bare minimum in case of translating websites.

3. Expanding operations of your company abroad.

If you are already operating abroad, the best tactic is to provide localised (translated and adapted both culturally and traditionally for target country) informations and support for your multinational clients. Clients are more prone to enter business relations with your brand, when they can read product descriptions, understand shipment options, payment options and to make transactions in the language they feel the most comfortable. 

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4. Competition with no translated websites - for time being.

Translating website will make your brand stand out from the competition. As a pioneer on new market, you will be the one to set standards your competition will later have to meet. Translating websites  earlier than others in your industry ill give you advantage on the market.

5. Competition with translated websites.

Your competition already have translations of websites for few languages and cleary supports clients abroad online, in their preffered languages. To count on those markets, you should translate your website as well. Fortunately you can make professional translation of website that will allow you to enter new markets very fast.

6. Legal requirements.

Sometimes translation is something more than good practice. On some markets and in some idustries having website in the official language of country is required by law. Not abiding by those will end not only in business losses but also in penelties and fines.

7. Having multilangual website tailored to your statistics.

Analise your website. Where is the organic traffic coming from, aside from domestic market? Does foreign users spend relevant time on your website or do they meet a wall? Searching for answers to those questions in analitic data may reveal not used potential of markets abroad, that could be supported better thanks to not so costly translations of websites to other languages. If contents of translated websites are high quality it surly will result in increased interest in your website. 

8. Making the most of SEO.

Your website is something more than platform with information for clients, that allows them to interact with your brand. From your content you can benefit by SEO, that increases visibility in search results and organic traffic. Multilangual websites multiply those benefits. Content translated by SEO includes precisly picked key words, allowing to adjust content of website to most searched content in other languages.

9. Increase of website traffic and making bigger profits.

Global users that won’t be able to read your internet page in their national languages simply won’t find it, and if they won’t find you, they won’t buy your services or products. Providing your content in new languages will bring in new clients, increase organic traffic on website and finally will lead to increased profits of your company. It perfectly shows, why it’s worth it to have website translated to other languages.

tłumaczenie stron www, tłumaczenie strony www

10. Providing multilangual customer service.

Providing clients from abroad authentic online service is probably one of the best reasons to translate content of your website
If you want to:

  • Introduce your brand to new clients
  • Provide new clients technical support, just as you do in original language of website
  • Provide better market service than competition
you can do it all by translating website, giving clients abroad the client service just as good as in national market. Your clients don’t only deserve experience – they expect it. Don’t disappoint them.

How many times you seen needs of your company on this list?


If you want to know more about website localisations and how it can increase your involvment in global market, contact us and order translation of website offered by translation agency, so you can be sure to get highest quality of translation.

tłumaczenie stron internetowych

Advantages and disadvantages of machine translation of your website.


If you wonder whether is it worth it to commission translation of website to translation agency or to decide for translating it yourself you want to consider wheather you want quality of translation and satisfaction of user or mere fact of having translated website. Process of translation is not mere change of words from one language to another. Machine translation always will be seen as inferior, very often machine translation leave critical language errors or substantive ones that comes from not knowing context. Internet is full of companies that decided for that kind of translation, just to have new language versions of websites. Commonly content is not understandable, have mistakes, not translated segments or incomprehensible for reader of certain languages.

Why is it worth to use services of professional translation agency?

Translation must be correct, natural and understandable for reader before they be shown to clients. Otherwise translating website to other  languages has no sense, and we only lose time for translating texts that can make clients think negatively of our company, because badly translated texts make clients less trustful and they simply look sketchy. Benefits of asking translation company to translate website are many, starting from guaranteed quality of translatio, through analise of market up for analise of market and deciding for best key words to use in translated versions.

Price of website translation is not high, especially when we consider how much we can get from it. In case of translating websites price will depend on source and target language, website volume and number of elements in website. It’s best to customise website for the market we want to get into, so we should try for localisation of translation of websites.

tłumaczenie stron internetowych biuro tłumaczeń

Localisation of website by the translation agency

Translation made by yourself won’t have also SEO optimalisation. Translation agency Linguaforum offers complex translation of websites and internet shops to the chosen target language of translation. Translations of text are done by native speakers, for which target language of website is their native language. Thanks to that, quality of translated text is guaranteed and text surely will be understandable for the reader. Cost of translation is very cheap considering the benefits it will bring to your company

We are doing website translations with newest tools and computer programs on the market.

If you want to order quote of website translation write to use and ask for quote of translation or localisation of your website.


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